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The Founder's Story

Dominic Petrilli, founder of Flobax 

As a chronic back pain sufferer for over 25 years, FLOBAX has completely changed my life. In May of 1982 I herniated a disc (L5) in my lower back. My doctor prescribed 40 days of rest with daily anti-inflammatory. As sole owner of a construction company, master carpenter by trade, my back pain problem, and loss of time away from work, was on the verge of ruining my successful business. I had surgery in June of 1983 to remove the disc.


My neuro-surgeon, Doctor Gilles Bertrand of the Montreal Neurological Institute, performed the surgery. I was 33 years old at the time and recovery for a healthy young man was expected to be 6 months. I returned to fulltime work the following year and had no further pain.

At 53 years old I started to feel constant tightening and a burning sensation in the centre of my lower back. I decided to get an MRI done with a referral from my personal physician. The MRI done in July of 2005 concluded a mild central canal stenosis in L3-L4 and severe central canal stenosis in L4-L5. The MRI also showed severe neuron-forminial stenosis in L5-Sl. I consulted a back pain specialist regarding surgical options. During this time I also started researching about any natural herbs or other natural products I could use to help ease my pain
Through research, trial and error, I started taking a combination of natural liquid products with some pretty good results. The ache and burning sensation in my lower back had somewhat decreased. I continued to read about natural products and focused on spinal stenosis and degenerated disc disease.

After 2 months, I added two more natural liquid products to my daily regime. Finally, in 2006 a final combination of different natural liquid bottles was taken twice daily. I was so pleased with the results that I decided to opt out of any surgical procedure. Best of all I could continue to work and play golf. In 2007 I won our senior AA Club championship, completing a grueling 8 round match play tournament, pain free.

With the positive results I had, I decided to see if I could combine all of these products into l bottle for easy consumption and cost savings (the bottle combinations were costing me $25 to $50/month).
I worked with a natural product manufacturer to see if these products could be combined and quickly realized that it was not going to be an easy task. After two years, of research & development, FLOBAX was finalized. Samples were tested across North America, and after five months, results were positive. I have mandated Medelys Labs International to manufacturer FLOBAX for Intex Natural Products Inc. FLOBAX is now available in North America.

You owe it to yourself, try FLOBAX!