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  • My Mother uses this product for months now, she used to have pain at many places in her body, she feels much better now !


  • I have tried Flobax to alleviate pain due to cervical arthritis and it seems to work. Of course it's not a miracle but the pain is less and it helps with sleep, I used to wake up with acute pain and now I don't. I hope this product will be distributed for a long time to come! Thanks to the creators of Flobax :)


  • I received my bottles of Flobax with happiness! Since 4 years, when the x-ray showed arthritis in my neck, at 44 years old, I refused the cortisone injection to try something else that would be less harmful for my body. Sylvain, a naturopath from À fleur de vie in Sherbrooke, recommended Flobax. I quickly saw a difference in pain and inflammation. For me, Flobax is an alternative to taking painkillers. I have been using it for 4 years now, about 6-7 months a year. Of course, I also try to manage my stress better and eat a little healthier. At first, I was taking Flobax for my neck and I even felt benefits in my knees. Anyway, I'm glad I was able to find this alternative! Thank you so much!


  • I took flobax sport to help me recover from a lumbar sprain, normally it takes me about 8-10 days before I am comfortable getting in and out of my car again, with the product I recovered twice as fast, after 4-5 days I was fine.

    François Nadeau

  • I have been taking the product for a few weeks now, some of the pain is gone and I feel that I recover faster when I push more.

    Martine Pilon

  • This product helped dropping my knee pain after few days. Testimonial profile picture

    Dave Edwards

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