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Non-Surgical Treatments

Non-Surgical Treatment for Spinal Stenosis Many people believe that back conditions such as spinal stenosis can only be treated through surgical treatment. The truth however, is that only less than 5% of people diagnosed with spinal stenosis are considered for spinal surgery. Doctors will only consider surgery as the final option after trying other non-surgical treatments for spinal stenosis. There are several non-surgical options for the treatment of spinal stenosis. Many of these therapies are used in combination for more effective results. Medication is one such therapy.There are several therapeutic drugs available for thetreatment of spinal stenosis. Drugs are used for symptomatic treatment i.e. they only treat the symptoms of the condition and do not eliminate the disease in itself....

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Lumbar Stenosis Causes

Causes of Lumbar Stenosis The spine is a column of bones piled on each other. Running along the center of the spine is a space known as the spinal canal. This is where the spinal cord is housed. When the space within the spinal canal becomes narrow placing pressure on the spinal cord, a condition known as spinal stenosis occurs. When this condition occurs in the lower back area i.e. the lumbar region, it is known as lumbar stenosis. Many people believe that lumbar stenosis is an age related disease. Although majority of the patients diagnosed with the condition are elderly, it still occurs in younger people and is caused by a variety of factors. The most common cause of...

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Non-Age Related Causes of Spinal Stenosis

Non-Age Related Causes of Spinal Stenosis Many people believe that spinal stenosis is a condition that only affects those with advanced age. It’s true that the disease occurs mostly in old people. However, there are many conditions occurring in people of all ages that can result in spinal stenosis. All these conditions cause increased pressure on the spinal cord or nerves leaving the spinal column and result in spinal stenosis. Causes of Spinal Stenosis : Paget’s Disease Paget’s disease of the bone is one such condition. This is a hereditary condition that causes the generation of bones at an exceedingly fast rate. The bones produced are soft and weak. These bones can be easily fractured or broken. Bones formed can...

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Treatment Option MIS

Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery: Treatment of Spinal Stenosis Minimal invasive surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed through small punctures and incisionsMinimal invasive spine surgery (MIS) is also referred to as laser spine surgery, endoscopic surgery or minimal access spine surgery. The surgery involves the passing of tubular retractors or an endoscope through the punctures or incisions that are made near the spine. MIS is quickly catching on as the treatment of choice for spinal stenosis when surgery is the only option. Using MIS reduces various complications related to other surgical procedures. Chances of being infected are greatly reduced. Patients experience less pain in healing and recover faster from this surgical procedure. MIS has also been shown to improve...

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