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Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc TreatmentDegenerative Disc Disorder › Multi Level Disc Disease

Multi Level Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disorder occurs when the intervertebral discs degenerate and flatten resulting in the compression of the nerves as they leave the spinal column. This results in a painful condition and stiffness of the spine. Movement of the back is restricted when the discs are damaged thus.

Multi level degenerative disc disorder occurs when more than one intervertebral disc is damaged. This results in additional stress on the levels above the sites of damage.

Multi level degenerative disc disease often occurs in the
lower back region (lumbar region) or in the neck region (cervical region).

Multi-level degenerative disc disorder typically occurs as part of the natural ageing process. Degeneration occurs over time as the discs suffer wear and tear from repetitive daily activities. The condition can also occur as a result of trauma or infection of the spinal column. Smoking increases the risk of developing the condition and exacerbates existing multi-level degenerative disc disorders. Genetic disposition also increases the risk of developing the condition.

Symptom of Multi Level Disc Disease

Pain is the most common and most recognizable symptom of multi-level degenerative disc disease. The pain is chronic and is constant. However, there are episodes in which acute pain may occur. Pain is usually worse when bending, lifting, walking or sitting in an upright position. Pain may decrease when standing or lying down but does not completely fade away.

Multi-level degenerative disc disorder is a difficult condition to diagnose since it develops over a long time. A full physical examination is required together with a comparison of your medical history. X-rays and MRI are also used in the diagnosis of multi-level degenerative disc disorder. These imaging technologies make it possible to locate the damaged discs.

Treatment for multi level degenerative disc disorder is conservative at first. Pain medication may be administered to alleviate pain. Steroidal and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed to ease pain and other symptoms related to inflammation. Epidural injections, physical therapy and massage therapy may also be recommended to ease pain. However, in emergency cases, surgical treatment will be recommended whereby wither spinal fusion or disc replacement techniques are applied.

Multi Level Disc
Information center on the diagnosis and treatment
of multi level degenerative disc disease

Article published February 25th, 2011
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